We Know Pool Renovations are a BIG Investment...

And we know you want your investment to last for many years
without any headaches down the road.

Don’t Hire Just Anybody!

Everyone seems to be in the swimming pool business these days; landscapers, garden centers, HVAC companies and even pest control people.

There are many “new to the business”, young, unqualified, and unspecialized people working in “non-swimming pool” related businesses who happily pose as “pool experts” and take your money.

Some unfortunate pool owners have hired these random “experts” who boasted convincingly about their knowledge and experience. They attempt to “seal the deal” by offering an irresistibly low discounted price and in the end the customer pays when problems arise down the road. Do your homework when hiring a pool contractor and make sure they have long term references.

Caveat Emptor! The cost of hiring a verified professional is usually less than hiring an amateur.

I am Robert Dean Jr., Buckingham Pools Inc. owner / operator. I been working in the swimming pool business exclusively for almost 40 years in Bucks and Montgomery counties and there aren’t many things I haven’t seen or done with both residential and commercial pools. I have a PA state contractors license, full insurance coverage, many good client references and come recommended on Angie’s List.

After client referrals, the internet is the only real viable form of advertising. It can provide almost too many renovation inquiries prompting the need to drive out to visit homes and produce estimates all of which are time consuming and costly for any viable business. I accept that as part of what I do. However if you are primarily looking for the cheapest internet shopping option…...I probably won’t be it.

I will however, offer COMPETITIVE PRICING and you'll FEEL CONFIDENT that your pool renovation is BUILT TO LAST and you can TRUST that we’ll stand behind our product long after the job is done.



“FALSE” Statements to watch out for when renovating your pool.

Feel free to call us with any questions regarding your pool renovation. Make sure your pool is done right the first time. Quality and Experience you can trust, sine 1977.

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