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Our Services


Single Seasonal Pool Services:
Pool Openings and Pool Closings


Year Round
Complete Pool Service

Complete Season Pool Care Packages

Includes your opening, weekly pool care and closing. You may choose from two plans, if you would like all chemicals included (most popular) or for salt pools itemized usage. We will take note and inform you of any repairs needed prior to making them.


Service can begin the same week your pool is opened and continues until you are ready to close. (additional weekly charge applies)

We do our best to accommodate special requests if at all possible. Your regular service person will visit your pool to perform the following:

    1. Vacuum or brush the pool walls, floor and tile. Skim the pool water surface.
    2. Empty all of your skimmer and pump baskets.
    3. Backwash and recharge your filter whenever necessary, recording the pressure each week.
    4. Test your water chemistry every week. Your water will be tested twice each visit, first using electronic equipment and once again with test strips to back up the initial readings for accuracy.
    5. Sanitizer, chlorine shock, pH and Alkalinity balancing chemicals will be added per your test results.
    6. Each week a service report card will be left at your home confirming our visit, test results and any special notations.
    7. Empty pool cleaner collection bag.

Note: The service person carries a monthly log where everything that was performed is recorded. The log is handed in to the office at the end of each day where it is reviewed for test results, consistent performance and accuracy. There is a check list which in addition to pool servicing includes such items as “I left the service report card” and “I closed and latched the gate.”


We will open your pool on the scheduled date. Your pool cover will be cleared off (additional charges may apply), removed, folded and placed it in storage at your home. Your pool equipment will be reactivated and condition evaluated and recommendations made to you. (there are some notes and exclusions) Your pool water will be tested twice, first using electronic equipment and once again with test strips to back up the initial readings for accuracy. Your water balances will then be adjusted as needed.


Winterize all pool and filter equipment. Disassemble and clean Diatomaceous earth or cartridge filters. Blow out and plug all pool circulation piping. Add winterizing algaecide, chlorine shock and stain control. (there are some notes and exclusions) Observe the condition of the pool and system and record and/or inform you of any necessary repairs.


During the off season we will visit your pool to check on its condition. We will check your water level maintenance or cover pump and add chlorine tablets to your float dispenser, add shock to the water and test pH and Alkalinity balances

We service and install all major pool equipment manufacturers such as: Hayward, Pentair, Raypak, Zodiac pump, filter, heater and control systems. Loop-Loc and Anchor Pool covers.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be taking care of your swimming pool. You will frequently see the owner personally overseeing pool openings, pool closings and many of your weekly complete pool service needs.

Our Weekly Pool Care Service Includes:

  • Complete Service Package
    Includes Opening, Closing and Weekly Service

  • Winter Pool Service
  • Pool Equipment Replacement
  • Swimming Pool Repairs
  • Pool Opening and Closing with Cover

With Complete Weekly Pool Service, We Take Care of it All.

We ALWAYS show up when Scheduled, Consistently on time,
And you will always be able to speak to a knowledgeable employee when you call.

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Residential Pool Equipment, Pool Repairs & Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations are by referral only.  We rely on referrals rather than self-promoting advertising. We work to treat our clients in a way that earns their referrals and keeps this cycle of trust strong.

  • SMART PHONE and Computer Complete Pool/Spa Control Systems (Learn More)
  • New Pool Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Salt Water Based Chlorination Systems
  • Electrical Work, Timers, Automated Valve Control Systems, Lighting
  • Complete Pool Plumbing Repairs & Replacements, Skimmer Replacements
  • Coping, Pool Tile, Brick, Bluestone, Pavers & Natural Stone Upgrades
  • Spa Additions onto Existing Pools
  • Vanishing Edge Pool Modifications
  • Automatic Pool Covers, Safety Covers and Pool Safety Fences
  • Pool Interior Plaster, Pebble Tec Quartz & Pebble Finishes
  • Pool Concrete Deck Replacements & Upgrades to Stone, Pavers, or Patterned Concrete
  • Complete & Extensive Landscaping Packages

Signs of swimming pool deterioration can indicate a more serious problem than appears.

These are actual photos from a pool
in Bucks County.

Don’t Delay! Contact Buckingham Pools.
We Specialize ONLY in POOLS!

Signs of swimming pool deterioration can indicate a more serious problem than appears.

These are actual photos from a pool in Bucks County.

Don’t Delay! Contact Buckingham Pools.
We Specialize ONLY in POOLS!

Pool Repairs

Older pools showing signs of deterioration usually indicate a more serious problem than might appear.

Cracks between coping pieces or through the pool tiles may indicate the onset of more serious problems. Settled and cracked concrete pool decks or rough interior plaster surfaces can become hazardous to those using the swimming pool. Or… Maybe you’ve just seen your neighbors new contemporary pool design features and you’d like to upgrade. Buckingham Pools can do it all!

Pool Renovations

At Buckingham Pools we know you’re making a big investment when it comes to your pool. (Click Here) to learn more about our pool renovations.

Pool Inspections

For Realtors and New Home Buyers

When you’re buying a new home with a pool, it’s important to know the condition of it since it’s one of the major aspects of a purchase. It can be very costly to repair if not in good condition.
Buckingham Pools brings 45 years of experience to our pool inspection process for realtors and new home buyers. We have provided inspections for many realtors throughout Bucks County over the years. Our extensive experience with openings and closings, new construction, renovations, service and repairs on all levels provides a thorough insight into what should go into an inspection.
Below is an example of what goes into our inspections:
• Identify pool builder, water chemistry and clarity.
• Examine and rate the condition of the pool concrete shell, surface type, tile and coping.
• Inspect surface skimmers, bottom drain covers, automatic pressure side cleaners, pool fence, and self-closing gates.
• For vinyl liners, identify if the liner is out of track, has cracking, patches, bulges or wrinkles.
• Examine concrete decking and deck equipment such as diving boards, ladders, handrails, and anchor sockets.
• Examination of the filter system: filter tank,  backwash valve, pumps, booster pumps, air blowers, heater valve actuators.
• Electrical components like automated control panel, timers, bond wires, pool/spa lights, circuit breakers.

Commercial Pool Renovations & Pool Construction

  • Computer Automated Pool Backwash Systems
  • Pool Water Treatment Control System
  • Multi Unit Industrial Coated Filter Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Full Perimeter Overflow Gutter Systems
  • Coping and Pool Tile Replacements
  • Tiled Racing Lanes
  • Complete Pool Piping Replacements
  • Water blasting and Interior Refinishing
  • Concrete Cutting and Core drilling
  • New Pool Construction, Including Zero Entry Wading pools with Spray Features
  • OSHA Approved Deck Equipment, Professionally Engineered Designs.

Pool Service Since 1977 • Emergency Pool Service
Family Owned & Operated

Commercial Pool Construction & Pool Renovation Projects

My company engaged in swimming pool facility renovations up to $750,000.00 in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

For companies to be permitted to engage at this level performing public work projects, they must be qualified by a “Surety” company who provides the financially backed insurance bond to the entity or owner for whom the contractor will be working. Bonding companies will research both your personal and business financial history. Once you are approved, they require you to put up a significant amount of money to be held in a CD to cover any bonds they may issue for you.

Once you are the successful bidder, the entity or owner, be it the State of Pennsylvania Park system, local municipalities, a college university, school district or a private club will vet you through your job experience history.

Below is a list of major projects involving large new pool construction or renovations successfully completed over the last 25 years.

  • The Bucks Club, Jamison, PA
  • Mary Barness Pool Complex, Warrington, PA
    (3 projects)
  • Schlegel Park Pool Complex, City of Reading, PA
  • City of Bayone, N.J. Pool Complex
  • YMCA Ambler, PA
  • Camp Victory, PA
  • Yardley Community Pool Complex, Yardley, PA
  • Fanny Chapman Pool Complex, Bucks County, Doylestown, PA (2 projects)
  • Farnum Park Pool Complex, Lancaster PA
  • Neshaminy State Park Pool Complex, Croydon, PA
  • Hawthorne, N.J. City Pool Complex
  • Farleigh Dickinson University Competition Pool
  • Perkiomen School District High School
  • University of Pennsylvania, Phila.
  • Newtown Swim Club Pool & Water Park, Bucks County
  • Caledonia State Park Pool, Chambersburg, PA
  • Manheim, PA City Pool
  • Abington Twp Pool Complex
  • Bloomsburg University Competition Pool
  • Westwood Swim Club, NJ
  • Brandywine, PA YMCA
  • Strathaven High School
  • Central Bucks East High School, Bucks County PA
  • N.E. Phila YMCA
  • City of Harrisburg, PA Pool
  • Riverside Club
  • Schuykill Valley, PA Middle School
  • Scranton YMCA
  • Hercules Country Club
  • Crestwood Country Club

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Contact Us


Buckingham Pools, Inc.

P.O. 372, Fountainville, Pennsylvania 18923

Phone: (570) 676-6342

Fax: (267) 871-5623